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                    Next Activity Directors Meeting

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              November Meeting
                                    Send updates & RSVPs to:
November 16th, 2017  (3rd Thursday in Nov)                    Meal 12 Noon / Meeting 1 pm

Lunch provided by:   Welcome Home RGV             You must RSVP, if you want to eat!

                                                                                      RSVP to:
              Come early for sign in!
Snow to Sun                                         Park Office:  956-968-0322
1701 N International Blvd
Weslaco, TX 78596                                      

                                                              Contact:  Harvey Billie Knox   956-498-3834     

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               December 21st Meeting
                                    Send updates & RSVPs to:
December 21st, 2017  (3rd Thursday in Dec)                             Meal 12 Noon / Meeting 1 pm 

             You must RSVP if you want to eat!            RSVP to:
1015 RV Park                                                         Park Office 956-968-7516
1402 S International Blvd
Weslaco, TX 78596                                               Contact:  Jim Bonnie Myer 870-240-5598

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                   Christmas Party
December                 Dinner:  6pm               Entertainment:  7pm  

Entertainment: M

                          You must sign up @ 

                                                                                               December 15th signup deadline!!!

     Two people from Member Parks are free, but must contact:              Linda Miller 
                                                                                                   956-783-5440 / 956-279-2698         

A, TX 78516               Park Office 956-


                   1st Showcase
                                      Send updates to:
January 10th, 2018 (2nd Wednesday in Jan)

PARK PLACE Estates RV Resort           Showcase Mngr:
5401 W Bus 83                                        Robert / Billie Ferguson
Harlingen, TX 78552                      
                                                                  (574) 361-2947
Exp83, exit Lewis Lane,
south to Bus83,
West 1/2 mi                                           It pays to be there @ 8am,
Office:  (956) 428-4414                            Please be there @ 8am.

                  2nd Showcase
                                         Send updates to:
January 18th, 2018 (3rd Thursday in Jan)

MISSION BELL                                       Showcase Mngr:
1711 E Bus 83                                         Robert / Billie Ferguson
Mission, TX 78572                          
                                                                    (574) 361-2947
Bus83 & Stewart Rd                              It pays to be there @ 8am,
Office:  (956) 585-4833                            Please be there @ 8am.

                February Meeting
 February 15th 2017   (3rd Thurs of the Month)  

                                                          Social  @ 12pm  /  Meeting @ 1pm  

  El Dorado Acres                         Office 956-581-6718
  610 N FM 492                      
  Mission, TX 78574                                        Contact:  D

                        PLEASE  RSVP    with:   Park / No. of People / & are you eating?

                                                                        Send updates & RSVPs to:
Returned RSVPs